The Thunderbirds are a part time, All-Age Drum and Bugle Corps. We welcome anyone age 14 or older who has an interest in participating in the drum and bugle corps activity, regardless of ability, and willingness to contribute their individual talents to enhance the overall appearance of the Corps.  Exceptions for younger musicians may be made on a case-by-case basis.

The season begins in November and continues through September. We will rehearse twice a month during the winter months starting in January through April. Starting in May, we will rehearse or have a performance almost every week until Labor Day weekend. The corps may also perform at a LMBA show locally once after Labor Day weekend.


The Corps issues standard instruments or equipment necessary for active members to participate. However, many members have chosen to purchase their own instruments.

The Corps provides dress uniforms to each corps member. However, we require each member to purchase parade uniforms and shoes, on their own.

Fundraising and Financial Support
The entire existence of the Corps depends upon its ability to raise enough money to continue day to day operations. The Corps conducts major fund raising campaigns throughout the year. Each active member has the ability to fundraise to help offset their cost to participate in the corps. The cost for 2019 will be around $500 for the entire season.

For it is through the interest and efforts of drum corps enthusiasts from across the region that we present our active member corps. With the continued support of our alumni, the activity of competitive drum corps in Erie will continue into the future. All alumni are welcome to attend rehearsals, performances, bus trips, and the corps banquet. All Alumni are invited to join us in ALL local parades! Please feel free to contact us with any questions.





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